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Setup: Recoil rda with flavor cap. Dual round wire coils @ .25 ohm. Power: 80 Watts.

Testing: Cap Vanilla Cupcake at 5%, 70/30 VG/PG, Steeped 8 days.

Flavor Description: This is a slightly sweet cupcake with frosting. Depending on how you use it, you can bend this to either be cake dominant or frosting dominant, but at 5% it is pretty well balanced. There is a slight vanilla note to this but it is subtle which makes this flavor so versatile and can definitely benefit from some added vanilla if you want to go that route.

Off Flavors: No off flavors that are noteworthy at this percentage.

Throat Hit: 3/10 - Not a harsh flavor at all, pretty smooth, comes with a little sting in the back of the throat for me but not unpleasant.

Uses: This flavor is pretty versatile. It can be used as a cake flavor at higher percentages to bump up a bakery or as frosting at lower percentages. I use this a lot along side LA CCI to help round out that icing flavor.

Pairings: Fruits, Creams, other bakeries, Chocolate, Basically anything that goes with cupcakes would be best friends with this flavor.

Notes:  This flavor has a medium mouth feel, not as sweet of a flavor as fw yellow cake but is very pleasant and a tad sour. At lower percentages, the cake part of the flavor is easily covered up in a mix and what you are left with is yummy frosting. At 5%, I get equal amounts of cake and frosting which would be nice to add a cakey layer to a bakery recipe.

Second Opinion: I really like when /u/Concreteriver does this so I thought I would add it in

[https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/16827#rainbow_sherbet_from_scratch_by_r08u57 Krucial uses this with ap in his pistachio pound cake recipe to add to the brown outside of the cake
Ro8u57 uses cap vanilla cupcake at a small percentage to add some sweetness and help round out vbic

Example Recipe: https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/20434#nutty_monkey_by_mlnikon

Source: Reddit