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RDA/ N22

% Used/ 1.5% & 3% & 5%

Coil/ dual parallel staged 28 + 28/0.5 ribbon clapton 60w

Steep time/ S & V

Wicking/ Full

Mouth Feel - Medium to heavy body. Overall a soft pleasant feel, but has a tiny hint of sharpness layered over the top. No throat hit.

Flavour Properties - Only slight alcohol/bourbon taste which appears as a sweet sugar or caramel overtone. The vanilla component is quite dense and feels like a heavy vanilla bean. Not overly complex, fairly 1-dimensional.

Relatable Flavours - Vanilla bean soaked in bourbon then dried and caramelised. Reminiscent of a rich vanilla bean ice cream without the cream.

Off Flavours - Slight tang, not entirely unpleasant but definitely there. It is probably the slight artificialness that comes from vanillin. At 5% it turns to cheesy chemical rubbish (TFA sweet cream type cheese).

Position in the recipe - Best used as a supporting flavour 1-3% for desserts and bakery flavours, or part of a layered vanilla/cream base. Would likely overpower some lighter fruits.

Pairings - Tobaccos, desserts, pastry, biscuits, cinnamon, caramel, heavy fruits such as dark berries

Conclusion - A great flavour to use when a ballsy vanilla is required.

Someone please tell me if I'm way off the mark here. I can happily take the criticism and just want to get better at this process.

Source: Reddit