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Rda/ Velocity

% Used/ 5 mixing % 2-10

coil/ Clapton w/ 45

Steep time/ 3 weeks Wicking/ Full

Mouth Feel - Smooth heavy and very dense I would give it a 9 out of 10. No throat hit.

Flavor Properties- Creamy and rich super smooth icecream with the the perfect vanilla. Not artificial Not spicy moderately eggy, heavy on the dairy, fairly sweet, and that super rich butter & cream you expect in an ice cream or custard.

Relatable Flavors - To me this is I like eating a spoon full of blue bunny vanilla ice cream, or a vanilla buttercream.

Off Flavors - I'm not finding any faults here I have heard people say that VBIC can be peppery. I have had what I would describe as spicy vanilla before but I'm not getting that here. (I'm assuming it's the TFA)

Position in the recipe - With its super-dense properties my opinion is this is best in a base, could also be used to Accent other creams.

Pairings - Other creams, berries, fruits, tobacco's, bakeries, and beverages like Cola or root beer.

Source: Reddit