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Rda/ Plume Veil

% Used/ 4% coil/ dual parallel 24awg w/ 45

Steep time/ 1 week wicking/ Full

Mouth Feel - Robust, sharp, sits on the tongue, relatively thick at this percentage. Decent throat hit.

Flavor Properties- Nutty, creamy wet sugar, a bit of fruit loops, small hints of chocolate, powdered sugar, and maybe some ginger.

Relatable Flavors - The popular Spanish confectionery "turrón." Amarula liquor from South Africa with less sugar.

Off Flavors - Carries a very slight lemony disinfectant scent, but I personally do not taste lemon, just a sharp note that I can somewhat relate to ginger root.

Position in the recipe - Most would consider this a supporting flavor at lower percents (0.5-1%), however some people's taste buds might enjoy this as part of a base or a top note (3-4%+)

Pairings - Tobaccos, bakeries, nuts, chocolates, citrus fruits.

Conclusion - This flavor has a lot of depth. There are so many layers, and so much going on especially once you reach higher percentages. While I think it does well in almost any recipe at the right percentage, it is definitely a flavor that could be hated as easily as it is loved. <3

Source: Reddit