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RDA/ Velocity Coil/ 6 Wrap Single Fused Kanthal Clapton 2×26 core 32 wrap W/ 45 Wicking/ Full Rayon Ω/0.26


Steep Time/4 weeks % Used/ 3 PG/VG 50/50 Nic%/0


Heavy on the tongue and light on the nose, moderately dense 6 out of 10.

Has a smooth, Airy ,slightly Dull  mouthful.

Throat Hit 2/10

Flavor Properties

Very sweet candy like marshmallow with a complex carmelized slightly nutty flavor. I'm getting just a hint of vanilla and rich creamy buttery note.

Relatable Flavors

Perfectly toasted campfire marshmallows without the smokey flavors you can get from a fire.

Position In The Recipe

As a additive or accent this is very useful and sweetness and smoothing out recipes along with adding a complex toasted nutty note.

As part of a base in a few scenarios such as s'mores or any heavily cream-based recipe.

Off flavers

On the back of the hand this has an extremely potent alcohol flavor, I have not noticed this and the baker but may be present in a shake and vape scenario.


Creams, bakeries, tobaccos, fruits, savories, coconuts, and chocolates.


As usual here is a Wikipedia on marshmallows. 


On a personal note I have been missing my daily routine of flavor reviews my youngest son has learned how to walk, and my routine is all screwed up!! I am getting back into it now expect to see some of these very soon.

Rating 80/100

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Source: Reddit