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A very tart and sweet citrus flavor that is a spot on flavor for a strawberry lemonade. It smells and tastes exactly like a freckle lemonade from Red Robin or Simply Lemonade. The strawberry sneaks beneath the banner of lemon to enhance and bolster the mix as a whole. The lemon is natural and sweet with just the right amount of acidity. This flavor is in no way candy-like, Pledge-y, or Cough syrupy. It's flavor profile is excellent and stands on its own.


This flavor is incredibly oily. Upon adding this flavor to VG, the mix will turn cloudy and NEVER turn clear. At any percentage, it will be a pain and nearly impossible to get the flavor solute to dissolve completely into the VG. It is essentially an emulsion like salad dressing. Heating and shaking will dissolve a lot of the flavor but no all of it, especially at percentages >10%.

Given that the flavor has a lot of trouble dissolving into VG, the flavor will be incredibly muted when vaping. This is due to the flavor never truly mixing to form a homogeneous mixture. The mixture is at best a colloid. Therefore, I do not recommend this flavor. I went through an entire 10ml bottle trying different %'s trying to make it work but alas could not. I am very sad. I love the flavor...but hate that it seems to be rather unusable with VG.

Source: Reddit