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My build:

Kayfun 5/Therion 75w/30 watts/Single coil Kanthal

Percentage Mixed


Steep Time:

5 days

First Impressions:

There's not much of a color to it. This looks like a really clean flavor. Flavourart is renowned for producing clean, healthy and accurate flavors. This is certainly no exception.

Hmm, it smells like Wrigley's Spearmint gum! It also kind of reminds me a little of Darlie's Toothpaste (go figure, spearmint is commonly used in these products after all).


As expected, it tastes like Wrigley's gum. Again, like FA Peppermint, the mint is very weak, almost nothing like chewing Wrigley's or brushing your teeth. It needs some help in that department with TFA Menthol or another mint to bolster the chilling effect.

There's a pleasant sweetness on tongue but it's never cloying. The mint serves as more of a backnote and it's pretty much non-intrusive.


If you're something who likes vaping simple flavorings without much of complexity, this could be your jam. It's a simple, cooling and refreshing vape. There's really not much else to say about it. However, I believe this would shine exceptionally well with a crisp fruit like pear. I will need to play around with it a little more to be sure but do let me know if you have had any success with it!


Fruits, chewing gum, maybe some desserts

Is it 4oz-worthy?

Not really, I would just pick up a vial or 30ml bottle and be done with it. This flavoring serves more as an accent and like FA peppermint, it can also add a refreshing touch to your dull mixes.


I got inspired by DB Liquids rendition of a vanilla mint cream. This is my take on that.


Flavor profile:

Vanilla Mint Cream

  • Flavourart Spearmint - 2%
  • Flavourart Peppermint - 2%
  • Flavourart Vanilla Classic - 1%
  • TFA Vanilla Swirl - 2%
  • Capella Sweet Cream - 1%
  • Flavourart Vienna Cream - 1%
  • Flavourart Fresh Cream - 1%

1 drop TFA Menthol / 10ml (optional)

Total flavoring: 10%

Mixed at 90/10 VG/PG

Source: Reddit