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Percentage Used: 5%

Equipment Used: Single flavor is too delicate for high heat. Vaped at .5 on a Crown or Subtank Nano @30w is delicious. On a TFV4 .35 Clapton coil at 45w all I can taste is wire and hint of burning.

PG/VG 30/70

Steep Time: 2 Weeks

This has a mild but sweet flavor. Great to give a break from strong, heavy, and rich flavors, and I like it SF at 5-7%. I can taste slight vanilla, and some type of sweetness, slightly creamy, but a bright flavor. Maybe even a back note of cookie, but a very very light cookie, no heaviness? No specific fruit flavor, but a light and pleasant vape. Can't quite figure this out. I think would work very well to sweeten and brighten fruit flavors, maybe even lighter bakery flavors?

Steep Time: 2 Months Later

This has ended up being a great accent to fruits, adds a boost of brightening with a slight vanilla back note. Mostly melons and fleshy fruits. Also good with sweet citrus flavors like orange and tangerine. Avoid lime, grapefruit, tart citrus flavors.

Source: Reddit