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Setup: Plume Veil RDA; dual parallel @ .40Ω; cotton wicks; 50W

Testing: CAP NY Cheesecake @ 4%; Aged: 16 days

Flavor description: Thick, wet, creamy, sugary cream cheese taste, but not overly cheesy at 4%. Also has subtle notes of vanilla and butter.

Off-flavors: Some people reported gym socks, cardboard, or stinky cheese. I do not personally taste any of this at 4%, may be possible to obtain these tastes at higher percentages.

Throat hit: 3/10 fairly smooth

Uses: Part of a cream base, the obvious cheesecake recipe, desserts. Great "thickener".

Pairings: Graham cracker, other creams, preferred fruits, custards, cinnamon, and mostly any vanilla flavoring.

Notes: This flavor may require some time (2-3 weeks) to age before it reaches full potential. I consider it to be a fairly versatile flavoring as it easily plays into many different recipes.

Source: Reddit