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Tested at 4%


  • Predominately I'm tasting a very creamy vanilla angel food cake flavor, fluffy and light, not dense or heavy. It has a background of generic fruitiness.
  • I don't get "crispy" cake flavor, and it's lightly sweetened, reminds me strongly of angel food cake topped with light citrus cream. The description says citrus, but there is no acidity to me at all like I usually get with citrus, it's very smooth. I can't taste any one dominant citrus at all, nothing stands out, just a refreshing blend that is very well balanced and doesn't bury the cake. No tanginess or sharp flavors at all. Very familiar tasting, but I can't quite put my finger on it.
  • It's a very good cake, I will be interested to see how this changes if at all with a 4 week steep. Overall a light flavor.

Recommended Usage

Single flavor: I would probably aim for 6-7% in a tank, or 4-5% in an rda.

In a mix 1-4% depending on the recipe.


1 week, although I think this will get better with more.

UPDATE At a 3 week steep the crispy cake flavor has really come out, still lightly sweet and creamy/moist. It changes a lot with the longer steep, really transforms into a heavier, more dense cake. This really tastes like a fried old fashioned cake doughnut without glaze. It still has a very very slight hint of generic citrus in the background. It really adds to the doughnut, gives it that very slight sourdough/sour cream background note. I am really enjoying this as a SF. I'm thinking a small amount of either FA Meringue or Marshmallow (maybe a little of both) will give it a great sugary glaze :) If you want the lighter angel food cake effect like in a Strawberry Shortcake, I wouldn't make more than a week's worth at a time.

Soruce: Reddit