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Setup: 528 customs goon on alien at 60 watts with dual 13 wrap 26 gauge kanthal at .83 ohms.

Testing: FA Maxx Blend at 2.75% in 70/30 at 1.5 mg nicotine

Flavor description: main notes i get after overnight steep are dried blueberries and caocao nibs. very dry, very rich, definitely some spice, not creamy. very dark. maybe kahlua? will see how steep affects it.

After 2 weeks+, I get a homemade hot chocolate flavor. Not the kind from the mix, but stuff you make from scratch with dark cocoa powder. Creamy without being too much. It still has the cherry/blueberry notes to me, but they're more of a flavor mixed into the hot chocolate than the dried berries with cocoa nibs I was getting originally.

Off flavors: I don't personally get any off flavors from this, except that it seems to stick on your palate for a while after the exhale, kinda like tpa papaya did for me. I don't like that about it, but it's overall not off at all imo.

Review: at least 8/10. I really like this flavor. I don't feel like it's really a tobacco, just not a fruit flavor. It's not quite a dessert flavor like ry4, and I like it better than FA ry4, but it's sorta in the same genre of not-exactly-tobacco tobacco's.

Throat hit: I give it maybe 1/10 but that may be subjective

Pairings: could go with dark berries, maybe apple, other tobacco's, caramel, desserts, nuts, heavy creams.

Notes: I would place this as good for somebody who's tired of fruit and sweet mixes but isn't really into tobacco.

Source: Reddit