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Steep Time: 16 days; Percent Used: 2%; PG/VG 50/50; Nicotine: 0%


RDA: Twisted Messes Squared

Coil: Groove Fused Framed Corrugated Staple



Power: 65 Watts; Wicking: None (Wickless)


Not much of a mouthfeel with this one besides a bitter feeling on the tongue on the inhale. Slight throat hit.

Throat Hit


Flavor Properties

Tastes just like bitter almond with a sugar glaze with a faint honey note. Slightly toasty.

Relatable Flavors

Marzipan. Jordan Almonds. Amaretto.

Off Flavors

Not an off flavor but for a sweeter almond extract type flavor go with FA Almond instead.

Position In The Recipe

This is a pretty tasty standalone vape although somewhat two-dimensional. This is a great alternative sweetener, and is especially good for giving a toasted almond flavor to bakery recipes and adding a touch of sweetness.


Bakery, Stone Fruits (cherry, peach, apricot, plum), Apple, Fig, Cream, Vanilla, Other nuts, Orange, Banana, Caramel, Coffee, Honey, Pear


To mix things up a bit, I like using this as a modifier for orange in bakery recipes. I also like this as a topnote in a pistachio ice cream recipe that I may release someday but I’m still playing with. I really like the smell of this concentrate right from the bottle. Actually, I think that’s my favorite part about this concentrate. If you like keeping aroma molecules around just to smell, this one is a must buy. Seriously, this flavor smells amazing.

Recipes HIC's Amaretto Disoranno recipe

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Rating 87.2/100

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