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Setup: Velocity clone; dual twisted 28awg @ .55Ω; cotton wicks; 40 W

Testing: LA Lemonade @ 3%; Aged: 2 weeks

Flavor description: Sugary and tart, bright lemon, rather candy like. Relatively dry by itself. Somewhat reminiscent to Lemon Heads candy.

Off-flavors: none

Throat hit: 9/10 rather harsh by itself.

Uses: Use at a small percentage (<1%) to accent/brighten other fruits, or crank up the % to really push a lemon note in your mix. Also, if you're making /u/vurve 's legendary Best Damn Pink Lemonade, you're going to need this one.

Pairings: Your favorite fruits or creams. EM might be helpful to take away some of the harshness if you aren't using a cream. Koolada works well if you're into the "cold lemonade" sensation. Tea and Champagne flavors come to mind as well.

Notes: This concentrate is a bit weak at 3% and may require upping the percentage or pairing with another lemon flavoring to achieve a nice strong lemon taste in a mix. In comparison to FLV Lemonade, it is close, but I personally get a bit more of a "Country Time powdered mix" sensation from FLV's version.

Source: Reddit