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RDA/ Velocity Coil/ 6 Wrap Single Fused Kanthal Clapton 2×26 core 32 wrap W/ 45 Wicking/ Full Rayon Ω/0.26


Steep Time/4 weeks % Used/ 5 PG/VG 50/50 Nic%/0


Surprisingly heavy on the tongue and nose, with a moderately heavy density 7 out of 10.

Has a sharp,  mouth feel with just the slightest amount of effervescence.

Throat Hit 4/10

Flavor Properties

This one should be pretty self-explanatory, but that's not going to cut it so here we go a a bitter and bright lime lemon flavor, I put it in that order because they taste the lime first with a lemon background. This is a great citrus fruity juicy along with being a sweet-tart flavoring.

Relatable Flavors

I've heard it described as flat 7UP or Sprite, would have to agree with that description, reminds me of a soda flavoring without the carbonation.

Position In The Recipe

As a base - could be used in in a fruit base primarily focusing on Citrus flavors, and have seen it successfully used in candy bases.

As a accent - easily its most useful applications definitely has the ability to bring out sweet notes by adding contrast along with brightening creams.

Off Flavors

Not tasting anything with a Steep and have used this flavoring regularly, when I got this flavoring in notice the giant warning labels, (contains alcohol and to keep away from flames) and definitely noticed this note on a shake and Vape.

I ordered a 4-ounce bottle and now that the alcohol has had time to evaporate not something I concern myself with it anymore, but you may want to watch out for it.


Citrus, tropical fruits, dark fruits, Stone fruits, creams, bakeries, candies, candies,and Vanilla.


Not one of my recipes, and I do use the flavoring in a few, but I figured I wanted simple and easy recipe for the review.

And I'm sure I will get a godfuckingdammit Chris 😂 my talk-to-text has been acting very weird the last couple days I think it needs an update.


Although this flavoring flavoring this fantastic originally ordered it for my brother he wanted a stand-alone lemon lime, and regardless of the percentage I used it did not have the punch for a standalone flavoring.

Here is a Wikipedia on lemon lime if you're interested in learning the history behind the flavoring.

And here is where I purchased mine.

Rating 97/100

Please if your opinion differs, or you have another review for this flavor add it in the comments. This will help the master list with multiple reviews in one spot.

Source: Reddit

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