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Tested at 4%


  • Predominately I'm tasting FA Nonna's Cake with vanilla and caramel instead of custard. Vanilla pound cake flavor, slightly dense, topped with a dark caramel. It has a background of citrus fruit to me.
  • I get a citrus pound cake flavor, fairly sweet, reminds me strongly of an unglazed lemon-lime bundt cake, drizzled with a dark caramel. The caramel is not creamy like the candy or a sundae topping. Similar to a caramel that has been cooked until just before it scorches, where most of the sugar has cooked out and it's no longer sickeningly sweet. I don't want to say bitter, and it's not burnt, but it's a dark caramel to me. I am also getting an almost alcohol flavor, like when someones adds too much vanilla extract to something. The description says "Sponge cake, vanilla, caramel and a host of fruity notes ... a real labyrinth of flavours to explore forever!
  • I plan on breathing this for a few hours to evaporate that hint of alcohol. This is good, but I don't think it's something I would vape stand alone. Unless this changes with a longer steep, for my personal tastes it needs some creams or custards to round it out, and I would always reach for an actual lemon cake over this.

Recommended Usage

Single flavor: I would probably aim for 4-6% in a tank, or 3-4% in an rda.

In a mix .75-3% depending on the recipe.

Throat Hit

Mild to Moderate


1 week, although I'm hoping this will smooth out a bit with more time.

UPDATE: At 3 week steep this is not something I will be vaping at all. The citrus notes have become very forward, and it has developed that acrid note I got from Pandoro. I can't get past the dry citrus and find any caramel left for me, still slight hints of Nonna's Cake in the background. Tastes like a mix of Pandoro, Nonna's Cake, and Custard. Not pleasant at all for me. I hope everyone else has luck with this one. I am sensitive to some flavors though, like CAP Cake Batter and FA Joy...horrid to me. So don't let my experience turn you off please.

Source: Reddit