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Setup: Velocity clone; dual twisted 28awg @ .55Ω; cotton wicks; 40 W

Testing: FA Jamaica Special (Jamaican Rum) @ 3%; Aged: 2 weeks

Flavor description: Mostly sweet and slightly boozy, very smooth, with notes of butterscotch and maybe brown sugar. Comes off as more of a dark rum or butter rum, but without too much of a "candied" nuance.

Off-flavors: none

Throat hit: 4/10 rather smooth

Uses: At 1-2%, plays well into cocktail recipes (obviously), also gives a warming or baked affect at lower (<1%) percentages to fruits in a bakery mix. Could work as a sweetener as well.

Pairings: FA cola, coconut, caramel, butterscotch, coffee, preferred fruits, Koolada.

Notes: If you're formulating a recipe and looking to incorporate rum, this should probably be in your stash. /u/ID10-T has some stellar cocktail recipes on ATF that feature this flavoring, check them out!

Source: Reddit