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RDA/ Velocity

% Used/ 3

Coil/ Clapton W/ 45

Steep Time/ 3 weeks Wicking/ Full

PG/VG 50/50 Nic% 0

Mouth Feel - light on on the palate and heavy on the nose. Moderately dense I'd give it a 4 out of 10. Slight throat hit.

Flavor Properties- This is coming off as more chocolate coffee then a cream, light on the vanilla, and cream, no perceptible almond, there is a hint of smoky whiskey flavor used at most Irish Cream.

Relatable Flavors - This reminds me of an Irish coffee it does have that whiskey flavor and just a little warmth.

Off Flavors - As with most chocolates the chocolate in this is just a little chalky, and a hint of the skunky flavor you'd expect from a coffee.

Position In The Recipe - Given its light density, and mouthfeel believe this is going to work best as an accent, or top note.

Pairings - Other coffees, creams, bakeries, vanilla's, most dark berries should pair nicely, I would avoid any tropical fruit flavorings. Could definitely benefit from a touch of almond or hazelnut, and Burbon might also help finish out the illusion of alcohol.

Source: Reddit