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Setup: Velocity clone; dual twisted 28awg @ .55Ω; cotton wicks; 40 W

Testing: CAP Horchata @ 3%; Aged: 3 weeks

Flavor description: Milky and sweet with subtle notes of nuts and cinnamon. Very soft and rather thick mouthfeel. Comes off as a sort of vanilla custard or pudding but with an unmistakable milkiness reminiscent of soft white rice in an actual horchata drink. The cinnamon is subtle enough to not be harsh after a short steep and the nuts do not over-power anything either. It is rather well balanced IMO.

Off-flavors: nothing "off" to me in terms of a horchata, but may become "eggy" or just weird if you push the % too high.

Throat hit: 6/10

Uses: Great as a base for your favorite dessert or holiday spice type recipes. I would recommend staying below 6% in a mix to avoid harshness or a weird egg note.

Pairings: Other creams (especially vanilla), chocolate, butterscotch, caramel, cookie, bourbon/whiskey, coffee, or your preferred cinnamon flavoring if you find this one to be lacking in that department. Would also work well with apple, pear, or other fruits commonly used in baking something with cinnamon.

Notes: To me, this is a rather under-rated flavoring. I enjoy the somewhat exotic taste I get from the cinnamon/spice/nut part of it. It is pretty versatile with many other dessert type flavorings. Not a lot of recipes around here using horchata, but that may change as the holiday season rolls around.

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Source: Reddit