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RDA/ Velocity Coil/ 6 Wrap Single Fused Kanthal Clapton 2×26 core 32 wrap W/ 45 Wicking/ Full Rayon Ω/0.26


Steep Time/3 weeks % Used/ 3 PG/VG 50/50 Nic%/0

Mouth Feel

Heavy on the tongue super heavy on the nose, crazy dense going to give this 9 out of 10. Fantastic creamy mouth feel.

Throat Hit 1/10

Flavor Properties

Sweet dark nut flavoring with a light roast, rich creamy undertone.Very authentic and flavorful nut, can taste the skin along with a rich oil, I would associate with roasted nuts, creamy and silky smooth, buttery, malty, and earthy.

Relatable Flavors

This reminds me of lightly roasted hazelnuts I get at the movie theater with a coating of sugar, so creamy and buttery it also reminds me of a great nut ice cream.

Position In The Recipe

Base for accent I think this plan will work as both has an accent it should work to lift and round out cream, and in a base should have a depth of complexity and a earthy malt flavor.

Off notes

The very light aftertaste but doesn't stick around long and sweeter authentic hazelnut should be


The first thing that comes to mind is creams, then bakeries, tobacco's, berries, other spices such as vanilla. Honestly having a hard time thinking of anything this is going to pair with off the top of my head I would avoid Citrus flavors, such as pineapple and orange.( but this may work as well under the right circumstances such as an orange creamsicle)


Eventually I do plan on adding notes on different percentages, and how it interacts with other flavors. Until then here is some additional information on hazelnut along with where you can find it. 




Obviously not my recipe but one of my favorites, and a great place to start with hazelnut.

Bust a nut 


Rating 98/100

Please if your opinion differs, or you have another review for this post it in the comments. Will help the master list with multiple reviews in one spot.

Source: Reddit