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Setup: Plume Veil RDA; dual parallel @ .35Ω; cotton wicks; 45W

Testing: CAP Glazed Donut @ 5%; Aged: 6 days

Flavor description: Sweet cakey donut along with a moist sugary glaze. Tastes very similar to the 99 cent 6 packs of glazed donuts you find at a gas station.

Off-flavors: I don't taste anything off. EDIT: Others are tasting Play-Doh. Trying it as a standalone in a tank, I did get a slight Play-Doh nuance, but I don't taste that on my RDA.

Throat hit: 6/10. Thick and heavy in the mouth.

Uses: I haven't personally played with any additions, but would likely play well in a bakery or dessert recipe.

Pairings: Berries, ice creams, nuts. Would pair well with some INW Biscuit or FA Joy.

Notes: Tastes great as a shake-n-vape, steeps out very well also. Very enjoyable as a 5% standalone flavor. I feel that Capella really nailed this flavor.

Source: Reddit