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Flue cured tobacco 95677.1398691944.1280.1280.jpg

RTA/ Kayfun 5

% Used/ 5%

Coil/ Single W/ 25

Steep Time/ 2 weeks Wicking/ Full

PG/VG 50/50 Nic% 0

Mouth Feel - Light on the tongue

Flavor Properties- More on the neutral side, grassy, sweet, an almost woody or ashy taste

Relatable Flavors - Like opening a pack of fresh cigarettes or pipe tobacco

Off Flavors - It has a slight astringent taste like cedar and a grittiness that might be a turn-off for some.

Position In The Recipe - Works as both an accent and a base. Although I personally feel it needs a higher percentage to really shine and for the tobacco properties to come through.

Pairings - bakery, chocolate, liquer, dark fruits/berries/apples

End notes - From my understanding, this flavour has been discontinued because one of the ingredients inside is facing scarcity. However, after doing some research, it seems TFA has disclosed the recipe to a few people who asked. And fortunately, my local vendor managed to procure some for whatever reason.

If you manage to get your hands on this, it's definitely worth a pick up. Again, it's more of a base ingredient but because it's so neutral, it works as a strong foundation to work off it. I have never personally tried Flavorah's Flue Cured but I've read from many that it's fairly identical.

Soruce: Reddit