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"This will help soften harsh edges and tone flavoring with enhancing agents." - Flavor West

"Triacetin- Sold as AAA Magic Mask by FA, and is a main ingredient of MTS Vape Wizard by FA, Smooth by TPA, and Flavor Toner/Enhancer by FW. This stuff is used in many processed foods and in cigarette filters to smooth out harsh notes. It does this by temporarily numbing certain taste receptors in your tongue. This is the reason you can stomach breakfast cereals, microwave meals, and all the added paper and other trash they put in commercial cigarettes. Likewise, it can make some ejuices tolerable, maybe even tasty, that without it would be abominable. This stuff is actually amazing. If you really suck at DIY, and your juice tastes like an abortion, you need this stuff; it can save even some of the worst tasting mixes. SIDENOTE: Triacetin is also the most amazing coil cleaner! It actually does for cotton what conditioner does for hair; VG slowly clogs wicks, and PG makes the fibers brittle, but AAA unclogs wicks and plasticizes fibers, leaving them flexible once more."

"Isobutavan- Sold by TPA, and is a main ingredient of MTS Vape Wizard by FA, Smooth by TPA, and Flavor Toner/Enhancer by FW. This is the "thickening" agent in the aforementioned enhancers. It does not actually thicken your juice any, but alters the mouth feel of the vapor to seem thicker. It also cancels the vapor thinning effect of some flavorings, thus making your clouds appear denser. Too much of it makes everything taste like vanilla." Ol' Doc Porter from EFC

Nose Neat

Acetone, Fruity.

Flavor Description:

Oily, fatty, smooth. Very little taste.


None. Bland darker note.



Position In The Recipe:

Background enhancer.

Mouth Feel

Oily. Smooth.

Throat hit:


Relatable Flavors:

Butter. Nuts.


Toner. Enhancer.


N/A. Vaped stand alone only.


Velocity Clone V1.Single Coil SS 26g. .4Ω. 30 Watts. Cotton Wick.


.5 - 1% @50% VG 0 Nic

Suggested Steep Time

SNV. Varies by recipe.

Suggested Percentages:

.5 - 2%





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