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Dx bavarian cream 07725.1426229327.500.500.jpg


Steep Time: 10 days; Percent Used: 5%; PG/VG 50/50; Nicotine: 0%


RDA: Twisted Messes Squared

Coil: Groove Fused Framed Corrugated Staple



Power: 65 Watts; Wicking: None (Wickless)


Semi-smooth. Moderate-light density. Slight cream texture. Very subtle chalkiness.

Throat Hit 1/10

Flavor Properties

Artificial Vanilla flavor with just a bit of cream. A little bit of vanilla spice note on exhale. Moderate flavor at this percentage/age time on the lower edge of the spectrum. Not eggy.

Relatable Flavors

Artificial vanilla pudding.

Off Flavors

Artificial vanilla taste, somewhat chemical. Might improve with longer aging.

Position In The Recipe

This flavor could work in the usual way a bavarian style cream would for a base, but would need a lot of help to boost it up. It’s diketone free but it lacks the same punch of some other creams/vanillas that would probably work better here.


Vanillas, creams, fruit, chocolate, coffee, nuts etc. Could go with anything that you would normally pair with a vanilla pudding/american custard but there is probably a better choice than the DX version of this flavor.


Some have reported using this more as a texturizer, though I would probably go with something else for that purpose. If you are trying to avoid diketones, this could be a useful flavor, but it’s pretty weak as far as vanilla and cream flavors go. If you are trying to sub for the original TFA Bav. Cream you might be let down with this flavor. Not very strong but wouldn't go much higher than 5% due to the off flavor/chemical taste.

Rating 20/100

If you disagree, well that’s just like, your opinion man.

Source: Reddit