Setup: Velocity w/ flavor barrel, 5 wrap Clapton 3mm, 60w power, Full Cotton Wicks.

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Mouth Feel - smooth and Rich with a slight throat hit light on the tongue and yet it's still pretty dense I would give it a 6 out of 10

Flavor Properties - bitter with just a hint of sweetness and cream the two months house really Tamed that skunky bitter coffee flavor but definitely still there

Relatable Flavors - a cup of very dark black coffee similar to cafe coffee FW

Off Flavors - the usual on Bitters skunky flavor you get with a coffee flavoring

Position in the recipe - my thoughts are definitely a top note at a lower percentage and with a few friends could possibly work in a base

Pairings - the obvious sweet creams.

Flavors like butterscotch or Carmel

should pair well with chocolates personally thinking white chocolate

Most bakeries such as cheesecake and cookie flavorings should work well and lastly maybe a little cinnamon

Source: Reddit

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