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My build:

Kayfun 5/Therion 75w/30 watts/Single coil Kanthal

Percentage Mixed

Standalone/3%/ 50/50 VG PG

Steep Time:

2 days

First Impressions:

Concentrate has a light yellow tint to it. As for the smell, I get a faint whiff of peppermint (because creme de menthe is typically derived from peppermint or corsican leaves). Not much else to say about it, I reckon.


Tastes just like peppermint! There's a mild creaminess in the background, it's also a touch sweet. I don't get much or any boozy or alcoholic taste to it (creme de menthe is supposed to be a mint-flavored alcoholic beverage).

The mint is also very, very mild. I prefer my mints on the stronger side, to the point where it chills the back of my throat (INW Eucalyptus, <3). This one does not accomplish that. It's more on the lighter side.


I believe this is more of an accent than a standalone. Wayne from DIYORDIE used it in Cuprian to great effect at 2%. Personally I would use it a lot higher. Then again, I do enjoy that chilling sensation myself.

Something to note also is that this flavor does not need much of a steep at all for its properties to shine. That makes it superior to TFA's version.


Fruits, desserts, maybe baccos...

Is it 4oz-worthy?

Not really, I think most people could do with a vial or 30mls of this.

Source: Reddit