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Setup: Plume veil; single coil kanthal at 0.4 with cotton wick; 35 watts

Cap Churro @5% tasted at 5 days and 10 days

Flavor: The rumors you've heard are true. It has that Glazed Doughnut smell and taste in there. It was more noticeable at 5 days, not as much later. It reminds me of glazed doughnut with some cinnamon and some sweetness. It doesn't seem to be the same type cin as cds though.

Off flavors: playdough early on, raw dough at 10 days

Throat hit; Decent. It's not harsh at 5%

Use; Don't, especially if you already have glazed doughnut.

Pairings; The other flavors in my box of misfit flavors. Or creams, vanilla, and sugary flavors.

Notes; Imo, I don't see any reason for anyone to buy this if you have a good collection of flavors. You can easily make something better with some Rich Cinnamon, Meringue, and other bakery staples. If you don't have many flavors, this might be ok to try out for only $2.50. You could make something ok with this, but why.

(edit: To be fair, I haven't had a churro in a long time. It could be close, but this isn't a flavor I see myself using)

Source: Reddit