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Summary Holy wow this is a great flavoring! Really prime as a standalone, one you surely don't want to miss out on if you like German Chocolate Cake. It's got a delectable cakey chocolate, and a tasty sweet coconut undertone to it. Even though this flavoring is great by itself, its complexity does make it somewhat more difficult to mix with. Its obvious role is going to be bakeries focusing on chocolate and coconut, not many other directions it can be taken due to the pronounced chocolate and coconut. I feel like if they were able to take just the cakiness from this they would have a pretty great sub for FW Yellow Cake.

On the Nose A sweet coconut, medium-dark chocolate, bready notes.

Usage Stand alone: 1.5-2.5%. Just try it as a stand alone -- you'll be impressed

In a mix: 1-2%.

Throat Mild.

Pairings Other coconuts chocolates and bakery notes, caramel, hazelnut, vanilla, tobacco, coffee, dark fruits.

Avoid Bright fruits, citrus.

Steep Surprisingly good right away. I didn't notice any big differences during steeping.

Recipe Ideas Although I've tried a few iterations of a "German Chocolate Cake," I haven't been successful in making a mix that is better than this as a stand-alone. Bringing some caramel to the party is a great idea, as well as some coconut (TFA Coconut Candy seemed to be a good direction). I imagine HS Australian Chocolate or another good dark chocolate will play really nicely.

Probably the most notable recipes I was able to find were these two:

Source: Reddit