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Steep Time: 16 days; Percent Used: 3%; PG/VG 50/50; Nicotine: 0%


RDA: Twisted Messes Squared

Coil: Groove Fused Framed Corrugated Staple



Power: 65 Watts; Wicking: None (Wickless)


Light and Creamy. Milky texture. Bitter linger.

Throat Hit


Flavor Properties

A complex, sharp vanilla flavor with a mild creamy texture. A bit of vanilla spice on the inhale, with notes of orange and lemon citrus, a dark caramel and cinnamon on the exhale. This flavor is semi-sweet, or perhaps one might even find it to be bittersweet, similar to the sweetness of a dark chocolate, in that there is a touch of sweetness that offsets the bitterness, but I wouldn’t characterize this as a sweet flavor. (This flavor doesn’t taste like dark chocolate, only comparing to the sweetness level).

Relatable Flavors

Crema Catalana or Crème brûlée.

Off Flavors

There is a slight bitterness/sour milk note and a faint alcohol note. Tastes slightly chemical or artificial to me.

Position In The Recipe

Some may enjoy this as a standalone flavor, however it wouldn’t be a single flavor vape for me. This can be a useful flavor if used the right way (and it agrees with your palate), such as added spice to a cream/custard base, but it’s lacking somewhat in sweetness and is a bit light and sharp for a single flavor vape or base ingredient. For me the off flavors and strength of the spice have kept this out of any of my recipes.


Creams, Custards, Bakeries, Bold Fruits, Tobacco, Coffee, Caramel, Chocolate, Spices


While it is a complex flavor, and on paper it hits many of the notes of a true Catalan Cream, it doesn’t seem like I’m actually tasting the real thing. This flavor is like the spice mix without the actual dessert. While it has notes of dark caramel, it’s lacking the intensity of the burnt sugar crust. While it is slightly creamy, it is missing the weight and body of the cream/custard. It’s more bittersweet than sweet and the vanilla bean flavor overpowers the cinnamon and citrus notes. The cinnamon is very faint, and if I didn’t already know what to look for, I might not have been able to identify it at all. The off flavors may drop off at lower percentages with the potent spice still remaining present in a mix.

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Rating 65.2/100

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