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Setup: Mutation v4, Dual 24g N80 7 wrap 3mm id, full wicks

Testing: FW Butterscotch Natural at 4% (70%pg) steeped 5 days.

Flavor Description: This is a light, creamy butterscotch. Very milky and buttery, I think butyric acid is used here for butteryness. Notes of brown sugar and vanilla. Not candy like whatsoever, this is a butterscotch cream if anything. I like it as a standalone.

Off-flavors: Butyric acid, just needs to steep a couple days but it can be a bit funky as a shake and vape. Reminds me of FLV Pistachio because of how creamy it is and the butyric acid taste.

Throat Hit: Kind of perfect, I get a minimal throat hit when hitting this a couple times in a row. Nothing scratchy but its there. 5/10

Uses: I would use this as a base for a butterscotch cookie or ice cream at 4-5%. Can lend some creamy and buttery qualities at lower % but I have not worked extensively with it.

Pairings: Bakery and Creams forever. Other Butterscotch, Caramel, coffee, tobacco, nuts, and some fruits like banana, apple/pear, coconut and maybe apricots.

Notes: This is my first butterscotch flavoring. I wanted to use it for an ice cream flavor and I’ve got a good start on one.

Butterscotch Ice Cream Cone

Flavor Vendor %

*Butterscotch (Natural) FW 4

*Caramel FA 1

*Vanilla Bean Ice Cream TPA 7

*TPA brown sugar extra .5

*Biscuit JF 0.65


Let me know what you think! There’s some flavor notes on ATF.

Rating (88/100)

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Source: Reddit