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RDA/ Velocity Coil/ 6 Wrap Single Fused Kanthal Clapton 2×26 core 32 wrap W/ 45 Wicking/ Full Rayon Ω/0.26


Steep Time/3 weeks % Used/ 4 PG/VG 50/50 Nic%/0


Thick on the tongue and light on the nose, semi smooth mouthfeel with a moderate density, 5 out of 10.

Throat Hit 2/10

Flavor Properties

Super sweet very artificial candy banana, not very creamy but it does have a smoothness to it.

Relatable Flavors

I've heard this compared to Banana runts I think that is extremely accurate, I would also throw in banana flavored Laffy Taffy.

Position In The Recipe

As a base note in a candy recipes, or it can be used as an accent to sweet another banana flavorings.


Other banana flavoring, strawberries, candies, creams, and a few bakeries like cookie.


Obviously not my recipe but a great application using this flavoring.



Rumor is Laura Ann's flavorings is not going to be cooperating with FDA Master list, not sure if this means the colorless concentrates will still be available, so if you enjoy this flavor you may want to pick up a large amount before the regs drop.

Here is a Wikipedia on runts candy, and Isoamyl acetate. I believe is the main ingredient in most banana flavorings along with link to make it easy to find.




Rating 85/100

Please if your opinion differs, or you have another review for this post it in the comments. Will help the master list with multiple reviews in one spot.

Source: Reddit